Hybrid Ashi Biography, Age, Real Name, Net Worth, Success Story

Hybrid Ashi is one of the prominent social media influencers. Her real name is Ayushi Sharma. She’s known for making entertaining situation-based reels on her Instagram. Ayushi has a YouTube channel as well. Ayushi posts on her account with the username, @hybrid_ashi. She often shares videos with her mother. The reels include some humor and real-life situations. It makes the viewers easily relate to her. Let us dive down to know about Hybrid Ashi’s career and success journey.

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Hybrid Ashi

Hybrid Ashi Biography, Real Name, Age, Career, and Instagram

Hybrid Ashi is a YouTuber and Instagrammer. She is known for building her reels and shorts content. Hybrid Ashi’s real name is Ayushi Sharma. She often makes videos with her mother. Hybrid Ashi is a 40 under 40 award winner as a content creator. Ayushi often celebrates her big and small joys with her mother. Apart from that, she is also a fitness freak and likes working out on her body. She has good muscle strength as well.

Hybrid Ashi is also a tattoo lover. One of her recent tattoos was on her thigh. She made a warrior girl with a sword on her thigh. In her Instagram post, she mentions that the girl is ‘a symbol of self-expression, captured in ink’. Her mother also made her first tattoo recently. She has a good height. With her tallness, she kills everyone with her high self-confidence. Fans like her reels on the topics like marriage. Ayushi is unmarried. Many are also eager to know more about her age. Ayushi Sharma is approx 30 years old. She celebrates her birthday every year on 9 August. However, her exact age is yet unknown.

Hybrid Ayushi has a net worth of approx $2 million. She earns majorly from her YouTube and Instagram. It includes the payment from the ads, sponsorships, deals, and more. Apart from that, she recently celebrated her 500k followers on her YouTube channel. Hybrid Ashi loves her mother a lot. Apart from that, she also has a spiritual angel in her life. She believes in Mahadev a lot.

Hybrid Ashi’s Instagram username is @hybrid_ashi and her YouTube channel is @Realhybrid_ashi. She is among the top Indian achievers in content creation. She can easily touch 1 Million on her Instagram account. You can subscribe to her channel if you like her content. Ayushi Sharma’s career in reels started a few years ago. She likes to make content out of her experience. She is a rising star who has a lot more to achieve in her life.

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