Who Is Shrey Chhabra? Net Worth, RJ Harshita Gupta Husband Biography

Social media influencer RJ Harshita Gupta is now in the headlines after getting married to Shrey Chhabra. He is a Filmamaker by profession. They have been dating each other for the past few years. After a long relationship, the couple Harshita Gupta and Shrey Chhabra decided to tie the knot on 27th November 2023. It was a remarkable day in the life of social media influencer Harshita Gupta. Here we will know complete details about Shrey Chhabra.

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Shrey Chhabra RJ Harshita Gupta Husband

Shrey Chhabra RJ Harshita Gupta Husband Biography, Profession and Net Worth

As per the available details, Shrey Chhabra is a Filmmaker by profession and doing very well in his life. He is around 29 years old and lives in India. His net worth is around $2 million. On the other side, Harshita Gupta is a prominent social media influencer with millions of followers on Instagram. She has also worked as an RJ where she did tremendous work. Harshita is popular for her mind-blowing humor. She is a famous creator and known for her amazing engaging content.

Now discussing the relationship and wedding of Harshita Gupta and Shrey Chhabra there numerous things to know. Nowadays people on social media are extremely curious to know who is Harshita Gupta husband Shrey Chhabra and what he does. This is interesting because the couple have been dating each other for the past three years. Harshita also shared on her Instagram how she felt on the day of her wedding. She shared photos of her engagement just a week before the wedding. Harshita invited her other social media influencer friends like ‘Sharma Ji Ka Bada Beta’ who is popularly known as Sanyam Sharma. Both are very good friends in personal life and also collaborated on various short videos.

Harshita did not reveal her husband Shrey Chhabra’s name and profile before. She unveiled his name and picture just a few months ago when she went on a trip with Shrey Chhabra. Firstly, Harshita Gupta shared a picture of her proposal at a hill in which she wore white attire and looked gorgeous. There are many more things we want to reveal about this amazing couple. Do let us know in the comment section if you want any other related info about her husband

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