Who Is Alex Batty? British Boy Returns Home After 6 Years

A delivery boy found a missing British teenage boy last week. His name is Alex Batty. He has been missing for the last six years. The boy was moving on the road when the delivery guy saw him. He said that the boy was seeking help already. Alex Batty is now with his grandmother in the United Kingdom. The best thing is that the guy has finally met his grandmother after a long time. Everyone is curious to know about Alex Batty’s nomadic life that he has been living for the last six years. Let us explore more about Alex Batty’s life.

Alex Batty

17 years Alex Batty British Teen Boy Returns Home After 6 Years

Alex Batty is a teenage boy who went missing on his trip to Spain with his mother. The incident took place six years ago. According to him, he has been living the nomadic spiritual life for the last six years. His mother abducted him. He belongs to the United Kingdom. Alex was on a trip to Spain with his mother and reached France, living nomadically. He had no phone to contact anyone. Let us have a look at Alex Batty’s Wiki bio below.

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Alex Batty Wiki:

Name: Alex Batty
Age: 17 years
Gender: Male
Birth: 2006 estimated
Family: Mother, Grandfather, and Grandmother
Profession: nomad life
Known As: Missing boy who lived a spiritual nomadic life
Nationality: British

Alex Batty Found After Being Missing For Last Six Years. Where Was Alex Batty?

Alex Batty is a British guy who was founded after six years. He went missing when he was on vacation in Spain with his family. Alex says that his mother abducted him. He decided to move away from that time. Alex was spiritually living an ordinary nomad life. He wanted to contact his grandmother as he had his custody. Fabien Accidini, a delivery guy, helped him. He had been walking for the last four days on the road back to his home. He approached Alex to ask where he was going.

Fabien came to know that the guy needed help. He took him to the medical shop. Later, as they opened up, Fabien was shocked to know the whole story. He immediately gave him the phone to allow him to contact his grandmother. He reached his house safely. His journey started going viral all over social media. Everyone is curious to know mroe about Alex Batty’s survival for the last six years. His grandfather and mother were not in favor of sending him to school. They want him to continue a spiritual life.

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