Zeeshan Malang Biography, Age, Family, Career Songs ‘Khoya Hai Dil’

There are millions of singers around the world. But few are the real gems in the music Industry. Zeeshan Khan aka Zeeshan Malang is an Indian singer. Here is the Zeeshan Malang Biography Age Songs Music Career and Malang Band. His song ‘Khoya Hai Dil’ was featured in Zakir Khan’s show ‘Tathastu’ on Amazon Prime. Also, you will be surprised to know that he is the real brother of prominent comedian Zakir Khan. So, let’s begin to read everything about him. Possibly, you have several queries but this blog can help you regarding this.

Zeeshan Malang

Zeeshan Malang Biography, Age

Zeeshan Khan aka Zeeshan Malang went viral on the Internet after the song ‘Khoya Hai Dil’. The song was also added to the popular comedy show ‘Tathastu’ by his brother Zakir Khan. Now, numerous people love this song and want to read about the singer Zeeshan Khan. He is currently a lead singer in the famous Malang Band. There are numerous songs available on the Internet by him. Also, there is a YouTube channel where we can listen to his amazing voice. Undoubtedly, Zeeshan Khan is a young talented musician by profession. He is around 26 years old.

Zeeshan Malang Popular Songs

Now coming to the primary pillar behind Zeeshan Malang’s popularity. There are numerous songs that you can enjoy in his voice. But the trending viral song ‘Khoya Hai Dil’ is the reason behind the sudden rise in his popularity. He owns a YouTube channel that is available with the name Zeeshan Khan. Also, there is another YouTube channel named Zeeshan Malang where he posts numerous cover songs. You love his voice in the available songs on the Internet.

Zeeshan Malang Music Career

He belongs to a musical background family and his grandfather was also a reputed personality in the world of Music. Zeeshan started singing a few years ago and now singing in the Malang Band. Zeeshan Malang has done various shows with his team. People are crazy to enjoy their concerts. Recently, his official video ‘Khoya Hai Dil’ went into a trend after the comedian Zakir Khan’s show Tathastu on Amazon Prime.

Zeeshan Malang’s Net Worth

Suppose you are looking for his wealth. Currently, enough data about his net worth is yet to be revealed. But he has great financial status. Zeeshan is an Indian singer with a magical voice. The expected net worth is around $10 million.

Zeeshan Malang Family, Pics

As we have already mentioned Zeeshan belongs to a reputed family. His brother Zakir Khan is also a well-known comedian by profession. Zakir Khan is one of the top comedians who has millions of fans around the world. Here is the family picture in which you can also see his parents.

Zakir Khan Family Picture

Zeeshan Malang Zakir Khan Relation

Everyone is amazed to listen to the viral song ‘Khoya Hai Dil’ by Zeeshan Khan. He is the brother of the famous comedian Zakir Khan. The was featured in Zakir Khan’s Amazon Prime show ‘Tathastu’. If you have any doubt or query then please share in the comment section. There are many more biographies available on other trending celebrities. Don’t forget to bookmark our website. If you like this blog, do check out our website Celebdata.org to read more biographies of other celebrities.

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