Who is Raginyy? Biography Youtuber & Content Creator Instagram, Sonam Kapoor Controversy

Raginny who used to make funny videos and share her opinions has received a legal notice from Actress Sonam Kapoor. Here is Sonam Kapoor legal notice girl Raginyy biography including her youtube career and everything. This article will share details about the legal notice sent by her PR team and also the reaction of Raginyy to the notice. Raginny is a YouTuber who creates reaction videos and opinions-sharing videos. She comes from a humble background. We will also be sharing the actions Raginyy has taken in response.

Raginyy Sonam Kapoor Controversy Girl

Raginyy Biography, Instagram Sonam Kapoor Legal Notice Girl

Raginyy is a small content creator. She has 10.3k subscribers on her YouTube channel. She has 38.2k followers on her Instagram account. Her father is an army officer. She is at the beginning of her career. She had 6k subscribers when she got the notice. It was sent by Sonam Kapoor and her husband. According to Raginyy, the notice was sent by Sonam’s PR team. The notice mentions that she has uploaded illegal content. She has also violated the regulations. The notice mentioned that the video has resulted in a decrease in the reputation of Sonam Kapoor.

How Raginny Responded To The Notice?

Raginyy replied in her videos by the name, She Who Must Not Be Named. The video starts with her reading the mail she received. She believes that the notice is sent by the PR team’s intern just to complete the target received. She might not be aware of the notice. However, she mentions that she used to be a fan of her before. She was also thinking of making videos of her best roles. She is no longer having such emotions for Sonam Kapoor. She also says that the notice has grammatical errors.

She was mentioned as Sir. She was misgendered in the mail. After that, she said that the notice was also not valid for the current date as the date mentioned was from Feb 2023 to June 2023. The notice contained a lot of appreciation for Sonam Kapoor and her belongings. The details about the topic of the notice were less. She also mentioned that she has defended herself more in the videos as compared to the insults. She continues by saying that she also makes fun of her videos but she never said anything wrong or abusive.

Raginny’s Video and the Notice Social Media Reaction?

Raginny’s video was firstly about some dumb statements made by Sonam Kapoor in some of her media conferences. The best thing is that people are supporting Raginyy. Stay tuned for more information.

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