Who Is Zara Patel? Biography, Age, Wiki of Rashmika Mandanna Deepfake AI Video Girl Pics

Zara Patel is the famous girl in Rashmika Mandanna’s DeepFake AI Video. She is a prominent model on the Internet with a huge fan following. Zara Patel has been in the headlines for the things she has not done. It was a deep fake video. Deepfakes are images or videos created by AI in which one person’s face or body gets changed by another. Rashmika also got trapped in this deepfake video scam. Fans are supporting her in the case. The actual girl in the video was Zara Patel. She has also expressed her views and support to her. Let us have a detailed discussion about the incident below.

Zara Patel

Zara Patel Biography, Age, Instagram of Rashmika Mandanna Deepfake AI Video Girl

Zara Patel is the girl whose original video was deepfaked to Rashmika Mandana’s video. She is a British Indian Influencer. Zara posts bold videos and pictures on her Instagram account. She belongs to the United Kingdom. Zara is a full-time engineer. She provides mental health consultancy as well. Zara has a bold approach on her Instagram account. She has shared her actual video in the same black outfit on her Instagram account mentioning the whole story.

She has over 484k followers on her Instagram. You can visit her profile by this username @zaarapatellll. Now after getting over 4 million views on her video, Zara is attaining huge popularity among her fans. The Netizen is going crazy after seeing her original videos.

Name: Zara Patel
Age: 27 Years Approx
Profession: Model, Full-time engineer and an influencer
Parents: not known
Education: Graduate
Current Residence: UK
Religion: Hinduism
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 5 feet 7 inches
Weight: 60 kgs approx
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Marital Status: Unmarried
Net worth: $ 5 million approx

Zara Patel Career, Success Story

Zara Patel is an influencer and works as an engineer. She started her journey on Instagram a few years ago. She posts bold content on her social media profile. Zara also shares explicit content on other platforms. Her Instagram bio also has a link to chat with her. She has 484k followers on her Instagram account. Zara has also posted on her Instagram stories about the incident. She has said that she got hurt after knowing about Rashmika’s deepfake video. Zara wants the social media handles to verify the details of the initial source that posted the video.

Zara Patel

Zara Patel and Rashmika Mandanna DeepFake AI Video

It was seen that Rashmika Mandanna was deepfaked into the original video of Zara Patel. Rashmika Mandanna mentions in her story about the difficulties she faced after the incident. She was thankful for the support of her family, friends, and fans in the case. Rashmika mentioned she had all the support to face this incident. How will a school-going girl face such things without any resources or support? She says that AI is misused especially to hurt women and use their images. Zara has also shown her support for Rashmika Mandanna’s perspective. Do share your feedback in the comment section and read more interesting news on our website Celebdata.org.

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